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How To Find the Perfect Bertoia Diamond Chair Replica

By: jwilde

A thorough guide for choosing the perfect Bertoia Diamond Chair replica.

bertoia diamond chairs
Harry Bertoia Diamond Chairs. Great photo that demonstrates color theme and contrast (white wall and black chairs). Photo Credit:

If you're like me, you discovered the Bertoia Diamond Chair, learned about its history, have seen it in person, have decided to buy one, but quickly learned that choosing where to buy one can be complicated.

It's complicated because there are a lot of Bertoia Diamond Chair knock-offs out there. However, there seem to be some good replicas. Pricing of the Bertoia Diamond Chair is complicated because the price range is extreme.

I didn't have a guide like this when I first started looking for a place to buy a Bertoia Diamond Chair (I didn't even know there were two sizes!).

In this guide I will lay out my plan for finding and buying the perfect Bertoia Diamond Chair replica.

Last Update: 4-9-2019

DISCLAIMER: Please understand, this information is presented to you to help you think about the important options you need to research. We are in no way related to the businesses listed in this article. We are not responsible in any way for the accuracy of any of the content on this page.

Step 1: Original or Replica

If price is not an issue, then the decision is easy; buy an original. Buying an original saves you from all the hassle of detailed research and the risk of buying a potentially inferior product.

Three options for buying a Bertoia Diamond Chair:

  • Buy an "original" if price is not an issue.
  • Buy a "used original" if price is an issue and you don't care about colors and materials, or you can wait a long time until the perfect one shows up (usually a long wait).
  • Buy a "new replica" if prices is an issue and you want to choose colors and materials.

If you decide to buy a replica or used original, the rest of this guide will save you time in research and making a decision.

The next thing to do is learn as much as possible about the genuine Bertoia Diamond Chair. Then you will have a good baseline to use for comparing reproductions (or used originals).

Step 2: Learn About the Original Bertoia Diamond Chair

Learn as much as you can about the original Bertoia Diamond Chair.

Learning about the original will enable you to avoid buying the wrong chair.

In addition, by exploring available options you might discover a must-have option.

Part II of this guide will show you the key options of the original diamond chair.

After learning about the original diamond chair options, the next step is to define your must-have criteria.

Step 3: Define Your Criteria

If you decide to buy a new replica, you will want to identify the criteria you will use for making comparisons.

Below is a list of some of the things you will want to think about.

  • Do you want a regular or large chair?
  • Is the design the same as the original (or close enough)?
  • Are the chair dimensions the same as the original?
  • Is the build quality good enough?
  • What finish do you want?
  • Do you want a full cover?
  • Do you want a seat pad?
  • Will an original Bertoia Diamond Chair cover fit it?
  • What is the price (some options change price)?
  • What Is the return policy?
  • Is there a warantee?

Buying a replica diamond chair means you will want to manage your risk very carefully.

Once you define your must-have criteria your next step is to start looking for the right retailer or seller.

Step 4: Find the Right Retailer or Seller

Once you educate yourself on the original chair options and define your must-have criteria you are ready to find a retailer or seller.

Again, if price is not an issue, you can save yourself time and worry and buy an original Bertoia Diamond Chair.

But if prices is an issue, you're ready to start looking for a retailer or seller.

Part II of this guide will get you started.

PART II The Research

The rest of this guide will help you gather facts and formulate your criteria for comparing retailers.

The Original Bertoia Diamond Chairs

There are a lot of good reasons to buy an original Bertoia Diamond Chair. For starters, you know it's an original. You also know it will be the best quality. You will also have the most options to choose from.


There are actually two sizes of Bertoia Diamond Chairs.


These chairs come in three finishes: Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black, White. According to the Knoll website, the white and black finishes are applied by powder coating. This coating is suited to "limited exposure" outdoor use (keep it out of the rain, keep it clean).

Seat Pads, Covers, Colors, Patterns, Materials

Their website shows several options for the chair cover, such as color and material. However, they also state that more patterns, colors and materials available.

Diamond Chair Details

Below are three links to different sizes and configurations of the original Bertoia Diamond Chairs. Explore all the options in detail!

Bertoia Diamond Chair with Seat Pad
w33.5" d28.25" h30" seat h16.5
Price: $1309 (approximate)

Bertoia Diamond Chair with Full Cover
w33.5" d28.25" h30" seat h16.5
Price: $2292 (approximate)

Large Bertoia Diamond Chair
Bertoia Large Diamond Chair (422L)
w45" d28.25" h31.5" seat h15.25"
Price: $2654 (approximate)

Where to Buy a Bertoia Diamond Chair Replica

Where to buy? This is where it gets complicated.

Large Bertoia Diamond Chair Replica

If you want a large Diamond Chair replica, you will discover they are harder to find.

One company that sells both the standard size and the large Bertoia Diamond Chair is They also seem to focus on quality at a reasonable price. If I were to buy a large Diamond Chair today, I personally would buy it from Inmod.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a standard size Diamond Chair, I might consider (or rule out) other, lower cost, options.

Standard Size Bertoia Diamond Chair Replica

There are several companies that sell chairs that are "inspired" by the Bertoia Diamond Chair.

Some of the retailers I have researched are and

Here is where your must-have criteria will help you find and weed-out each retailer.

Pay close attention to the user reviews (mostly the negative).

Buying a Used Bertoia Diamond Chair

When buying a used Bertoia Diamond Chair you must have high confidence that the seller is selling a genuine Bertoia Diamond Chair.


You will have to be confident in your skill at determining if the chair is an original.

I am not an expert at distinguishing between real versus replica and I have not found a difinitive source for this information. Keep in mind, even the original chair design has changed slightly over the years.

Bottom line, if you decide to buy a used Bertoia Diamond Chair, don't buy a replica by mistake!

Below are a few sites I have used to find used Bertoia Diamond Chairs.




In Part I of this guide, I listed the steps needed to determine which Bertoia Diamond Chair you want to buy.

In Part II of this guide, I help you gather facts and formulate your criteria for comparing retailers.

I will continue to update this guide at least annually. The latest update date is at the top of the page.

Good luck on picking out the right Bertoia Diamond Chair for you!


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